The need to consider the kitchen as a space for meeting and communication, as a place to perhaps rediscover beauty, is as strong as ever for us.

Nowadays the kitchen setting, with its cozy atmosphere, its large wooden beams and the generous stone shelves that define it, seeks to encourage the experience and pleasure of reconciliation with life, as well as communion with the existence that we are part of.

Ash Wood Kitchen finished by hand plane - HABITO by Giuseppe Rivadossi

The linear architecture of it as a whole, the proper organisation of its functions, the celebration of raw materials and the careful definition of every single detail, lead to a genuine feeling of living.

National walnut kitchen with hammered and brushed Botticino marble top - HABITO by Giuseppe Rivadossi

In the kitchen the simple actions of preparing food to be shared with family and friends, together with encountering the colours, aromas and fragrances of the fruits of the earth, become the life-giving roots and rediscovery of our humanity.

Finished by hand plane national walnut kitchen, furniture and cabinets - HABITO by Giuseppe Rivadossi

We seek to fill this space with the vibrating echoes, soothed by the intoxication of modern technology, of those relations that have not only nourished the body and soul of man since time immemorial, but have also been absolute references in showing us our sacred ties with the universe.

Wood Kitchen with Island - HABITO by Giuseppe Rivadossi

We believe that the kitchen must go back to being lived in and liveable, thus reconciling man with the earth.

Wood kitchen with Zimbabwe black Granite counter tops - HABITO by Giuseppe Rivadossi

The structures that define it must encourage that experience of living within beauty as a perpetual relationship with others, man and nature.

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