Siepe Little Madia

Original project: 1984 – Giuseppe Rivadossi
Italian walnut

It represents the achievement of an excellent result: here the size and the cutting, the careful structure and the refined technique of assembling blend in a new and wonderful image.
The nice name, Madietta della Siepe (hedge little madia), comes from the affective memory that Giuseppe Rivadossi has for the places of his infancy, where, along the noiseless streets, there were small and big hedges and birds.

Monolithic two-door and two drawers container made of splayed windowed elements. All surfaces are smoothed out.

Suggested dimensions: cm 120 x h 96 x d 38 | in 47.2 x h 37.8 x d 15
Code: CM1f

It can be customized and made of the following types of wood: Linden wood, Italian walnut, European cherry, Slavonia oak, ash, maple.

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