Neva Case

Progetto originale: 2009 – Giuseppe Rivadossi
Italian walnut

Neva Case rises from the ground transparent and clear as a crystal. Her image can animate the human space with kindness.

Monolithic cabinet with vertical fiber, doors and shelves with extra-clear glass, hinges, handles and glass holder in brushed steel, finished by carving with a gouge.

Dimensions: cm 120 x h 242 x d 40 or cm 126 x h 233 x d 40 (in 47.2 x h 95.3 x d 15.7 or in 49.6 x h 91.7 x d 15.7)
Code: CM45

It can be made of the following types of wood: forest linden (lime), Italian walnut, European cherry.

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