Moissac Dresser

Original project: 2004 – Giuseppe Rivadossi
Linden wood

“The memory of the sublime cloister of Moissac has inspired this sophisticated structure.”

The small window is one cell of a whole, a structure made of four wooden elements that enclose a glass. These elements are assembled together by hidden cores and help recreate a steady structure, but architecturally significant closure. The small opening allows light to enter the piece of furniture, thus suggesting to the observer the presence of a comfortable and cosy, but protected space – almost a living space.

Container structure with four doors, made of windowed elements. The surfaces of each individual element are finished by carving with a hand plane.

Suggested dimensions: cm h 200 x L 70 x d 44 | in 78,7 x 27,6 x d 17,3
Code: CD56a/2

It can be customized and made of the following types of wood: forest linden (lime), Italian walnut, European cherry, maple.

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