Grande Arco

GRANDE ARCO (bookcase)
Original project: 1988 – Giuseppe Rivadossi
Italian walnut

The arch is a key element of the architecture and universe. Its memory lies in the depths of our unconscious, the evocative power of this sign is endless.

Container consisting of a base with 6-4 wooden doors and top with 4-2 glass doors, specially-made hinges, latches and steel glazing beads. Carved with hand plane.

Dimensions: cm 300 x h 252 x d 54 / cm 220 x h 240 x d 54 (in 118.1 x h 99.2 x d 21.2 or in 86.6 x h 94.5 x d 21.2)
Code: CM27n / CM27p

It can be customized and made of the following types of wood: forest linden (lime), Italian walnut, European cherry, Slavonia oak, ash, maple.

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