Giuseppe Rivadossi’s evolution:
the sunrise, the earth, my home

The beauty around us and within us is our home, our only home.

Habito is the evolution of Giuseppe Rivadossi’s experience, it is an evolution of our experience, it is our answer to the fast-approaching new world environment where markets, relations, assets, and even aesthetic needs, are changing.

Habito, in Italian, means “I live in”; under this name we have given a title to one of Giuseppe Rivadossi’s most famous works “the sunrise, the earth, my home”: this is our poetic program and describes our vision.

Through our work we strive for awareness of the most important events in our lives: we all live on earth and this relation is embodied by architecture. It is the way we communicate both with our ancestors and our sons.

OUR HISTORY: 1965-2014

Giuseppe Rivadossi - artistic path and company history
Today Giuseppe Rivadossi leads a workshop and a showroom with his sons designing innovative solutions for the living space. His path as artist is indeed the source of the company philosophy.

HABITO Photo Gallery: as you where there

EVENT Photo gallery
All our events are unique like our work. In its Galley HABITO collect albums of previous events and important meetings.
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Online Catalogue

Dolmen - Online Catalogue 2014
A new dynamic version of the catalogue collecting our main works and masterpieces.
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